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Three Nobel Laureates and Three Musketeers

Three is the magic number (and three are still in their plastic wraps).

Three is the magic number (and three are still in their plastic wraps).

Here are the books that I got after three days of book shopping:

August 13, National Book Store – Greenbelt 1 and Powerbooks – Greenbelt 3

  • The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas (Php 181.00, 70% off)
  • Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak (Php 548.00, 20% off)

I took advantage of the annual sale of NBS group and chain of book stores. And it’s funny that I got two Pevear-translated books. I only intended to buy Doctor Zhivago. I’ve meant to buy the Pevear-Volokhonsky translation for some time now, and while I was on my way to the cashier, I stumbled across the movie tie-in edition of The Three Musketeers. Nice edition, and I didn’t know that Pevear also did French translations.

August 14, Book Sale – Makati Square

  • Omeros by Derek Walcott (Php 145.00)

I almost fainted when I saw this. I cannot forget the regret I nursed when I let go of my first sighting of this. I think I’m destined to own this, no?

August 15, Fully Booked – The Fort

  • The Tin Drum by Gunter Grass (Php 670.00)

This is my second edition of the book. I was supposed to start reading this last Tuesday, but when I did a little research prior to it, I found out that the translator of my old edition (Manheim) has a tendency to stray away from the literary style of the original language (such as clipped sentences and page-long sentences). I decided not to read it yet until I get the new translation (Mitchell’s) that’s more loyal to the text. And here we go! I’m very excited to start reading this.

So what should I do with the old edition?

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4 Responses to “Three Nobel Laureates and Three Musketeers”

    • Angus Miranda

      I did donate a few books to a local library today. However, I did something else to The Tin Drum. Details soon.

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