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My problem with the Internet

Three books screaming for my attention

This is my first legitimate post for The Sunday Salon since I used to post something every Monday. Allow me to say something about it.

I didn’t have an Internet connection at the old place that I lived in. I didn’t think that there was a need to have one installed because our office does not have strict Internet policies. I am allowed to surf any website, as long as it is not pornographic and as long as it does not eat a lot of bandwidth. This allows me to blog using my office computer, which I do at the office first thing in the morning.

Recently, I moved to a new place with a new set of housemates. They found it necessary to be connected online 24/7, and since they couldn’t be made to think otherwise, I agreed to share for the Internet expenses. It’s actually the first thing that we had installed in our new house (aside from fixtures such as extra locks, curtain rods, et al). And now, here I am, whiling away the Sunday afternoon, typing this post.

This is  very convenient. If we get hungry at the middle of the night, we go online and check out restaurants that are open late and that offer delivery. We get to do our work remotely, particularly if the weather is harshly uncooperative. We get to surf whatever sites, allowing us to ward off boredom. There’s a lot more that one can do, and I’m pretty sure that you have your own set of benefits from having a strong Internet connection at home, so what’s my problem with it?

It’s a major distraction in my reading. I always find myself staring at the monitor for hours, hours which could have been spent better lying down and reading a book than waiting for the latest posts from blogs that I follow or reading tweets from my friends. Those hours could have been more fruitful had I started catching up on my huge backlog of book write-ups.

So you see, the Internet has counterproductive effects on me as far as reading and book blogging are concerned. So here are what I resolve to do:

  • Check my social networks twice: first thing when I get connected from home and last thing before shutting down.
  • Catch up on my backlog; one book write-up is enough on weekdays. Posts such as this do not count.
  • Finish those books on my hypothetical bedside table, which can be done if I spend less time online.

And that reminds me, I have to shut this down after posting this. Wait, I’ll take one last look at my Reader and social networks, then I can settle down to read. And what are these books?

  • Noli Me Tangere by Jose Rizal – our book club’s pick for the month. I am eight chapters behind, so I need to catch up. For non-Filipinos out there, this is the Philippines’s greatest novel penned by our national hero. And oh, we are also celebrating the National Language Month (that’s a loose translation).
  • Stoner by John Williams – lent to me by Aldrin. We’ll be meeting again next week for the 2nd Filipino Reader Conference, so I have to finish this.
  • The Tin Drum by Gunter Grass – my Nobel pick for the month, which also won the polls at the Goodreads Nobel group. Since I nominated the book, I am deeply obliged to read it along with the members.

I also have a little problem with reading books concurrently, but I think that deserves a separate post. This looks like a challenging week, and I can’t wait to get started. Now I’m really motivated.

The Sunday Salon



  1. I should totally take a leaf out of your book. The Internet is REALLY counterproductive for me too, but somehow I just can’t stay away! I reason that most class announcements are made in sites like Facebook or Twitter, but who am I kidding -___- I salute you for the discipline!!


    • I’m not so disciplined after all (obviously I’m online)! But yes, I’m preparing my write-up for The Virgin Suicides, then I’ll read a bit before sleeping.


  2. I usually give myself an hour each night for internet activities (since I can Twitter through my phone anyway) but I still overshoot my time. Agh.


    • My housemates are enticing me to get an iPhone (so that I can tweet and be online anywhere all the time). That would be the end for me, hahaha!


  3. I agree with the Internet being a distraction! I might as well follow those resolutions you had written, especially the ones on checking social networking sites (especially Twitter!)


    • True! It sort of worked last night. I did spend some time online, but I spent it on blogging. Now that’s productive! :D


  4. Oh I too feel like I am wasting a lot of time of the web. I can read mostly useless news stories for hours. I like science and health news, but the political stuff both attracts me and annoys me. Why do I do this to myself?


    • You know that cliche? The more you hate, the more you love? And yes, useless news makes us useless. Although such news is necessary at times (for humor’s sake, I guess), reading it must be kept at a minimum level, no? :)


  5. it’ll pass. i had the same prob when we got net the first time at home. ;) lately, been spending the weekends just reading, really. except when im with u, guys. LOL! mga B.I.!


  6. The internet is my distraction, ALWAYS. I remember one time during college when I unplugged the TV and internet just so I can finish writing a paper (after having my sources downloaded, of course). Gah. Sometimes I tell myself I’d read, and then I’d pick up my phone and I would start checking my tweets and before I know it, an hour has passed. >_> I normally don’t like not having internet at home, but those were the times when I read the most. It is a real struggle for an Internet addict like me. Haha.


    • Well, I can’t have it cut off because my housemates want it so bad. I have to learn how to live with it without destroying my peace, hehe. And now, I have to read … Noli!


  7. Yeah I agree too much internet can be detrimental. I think setting guidelines for oneself is a good idea! Otherwise we’d all be on the internet instead of living life


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