Day: August 12, 2012

Three books screaming for my attention

My problem with the Internet

This is my first legitimate post for The Sunday Salon since I used to post something every Monday. Allow me to say something about it. I didn’t have an Internet connection at the old place that I lived in. I didn’t think that there was a need to have one installed because our office does not have strict Internet policies. I am allowed to surf any website, as long as it is not pornographic and as long as it does not eat a lot of bandwidth. This allows me to blog using my office computer, which I do at the office first thing in the morning. Recently, I moved to a new place with a new set of housemates. They found it necessary to be connected online 24/7, and since they couldn’t be made to think otherwise, I agreed to share for the Internet expenses. It’s actually the first thing that we had installed in our new house (aside from fixtures such as extra locks, curtain rods, et al). And now, here I am, whiling …