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The Classics Club Monthly Meme: August 2012

The Classics ClubThe Classics Club is taking a revolution! We recently launched our own blog (it was formerly sitting at A Room of One’s Own), or more like six members joined forces and put up the blog, and they, the moderators, are assigned tasks in maintaining the smooth running of the club. One of the activities is the monthly meme, and yes, I will be participating in each one of them.

So here’s the topic for the first installment:

What is your favorite classic book? Why?

I find this a pretty easy question. Although I love a number of classics, my favorite one still remains: it’s Hunger by Knut Hamsun. It’s also currently my favorite book of all-time, although it’s being threatened by the contemporary Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. But I won’t talk about that.

Why do I love Hunger? First, I love how it’s written. The narrative is just crazy. It doesn’t feel like a classic at all. It feels very modern, and I think this quality is what separates a classic from the ordinary books. The theme reverberates its literary power through the ages.

Second, I love the theme. Achieving transcendence by means of self-imposed hunger is not something that we commonly read. I find it very original considering that this book was first published in the late 19th century.

Third, it had me both in stitches and in tears. I even found myself kicking my legs up the air while reading. It was that intense. I wanted to talk sense to the protagonist, but after finishing it, I wondered who had more sense between me and the narrator.



  1. I’ve been meaning to read my classics but haven’t got the motivation to do so but thank you for this post, at least now I have the push to “hopefully” start on my classics. Oh btw, good job on F2F 7! Di ako nakasali sa dame ng nasa TBR list ko. :( hopefully I can read it in the next month.


    • Thanks, Mary Grace! Maybe you’d like to join The Classics Club to get the motivation rolling.

      I have to admit that I don’t know you, hehe. Ikaw ba si Mae? :D


    • Ah I know and no. :) Matagal na akong member ng group (goodreads) but I don’t talk much sa group but I often read the discussions and sinusubukan kong sundan ung book of the month. Medyo aloof pa at nahihiya but I’ll try to mingle with you guys soon. :D


  2. I put Hunger on my list thanks to you. I think you re-read it for The Classics Challenge earlier this year, and I was intrigued. So thrilled that you are going to be such an active participant in the Club! This is really becoming something special. – Sarah


  3. Hunger was definitely one crazy book! Just what would you do to write that life’s work?! I’m not sure if I admire the guy or if he’s an absolute nutcase! Maybe a bit of both.


    • I certainly admire him for his intellect, but I can’t say the same for his rather impulsive and self-destructive behavior.


    • Oh, I heard about Borders closing. It was sad. We don’t have Borders from where I live, but any book store closing is tragic.

      I got my copy of Hunger in a sale bin. It’s nice to meet you, too! There are so many wonderful people in the club. :)


  4. I keep coming across this book in used bookstores, and I’m kind of intrigued and kind of put off. I keep pulling it off the shelf and putting it back. You’re right; it has a very modern feel considering when it was written. Can’t decide!


    • I suggest that you just go ahead and read it. Obviously, I’m very biased. But I have good reasons to be. It’s not thick. I doubt it would eat a lot of your reading time, but it will stay with you for a long time. :)


    • When I bought this, I didn’t know what it was about aside from having something to do with hunger. I was just intrigued with the book cover. I didn’t even bother to read the blurb!


  5. joon*ann says

    This title is new to me, too. Just reading your reaction to it makes me want to read it. :)


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