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Books To Read: August 2012

Books To Read: August 2012

I was only able to read a measly number of books last month: 2, and one of them was a reread. I will no longer make any excuse about failing to meet my July reading plan. Since last month’s plan was not met, I will just have to finish the unread books that I assigned for last month and pull out a few books from my shelf.

But this month, I’m targeting six books, only because one of them is just a slim volume.

  • The Swimming Pool Library by Alan Hollinghurst – from last month.
  • The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides – from last month as well. I’ll be reading this along with some of my favorite book club friends, Maria and Monique.
  • The Tin Drum by Gunter Grass – my Nobel pick for this month. Actually, this should be Mysteries by Knut Hamsun (another unfinished July book), but since I nominated The Tin Drum as the book of the month in our quiet Nobel group at Goodreads, I’ll just have to postpone Hamsun next month.
  • 84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff – lent to me by … wait? Whose book is this, really? It’s originally Aldrin‘s, and then he made me adopt it, and then Atty. Monique borrowed it and claimed it, but then she returned it to me, or more like I intercepted it from Jzhun who wishes to borrow it as well. Now there’s also Kwesi who expressed an interest borrow it after Jzhun, so we decided that this book should be our collective book: the travelling book among the book club members.
  • Noli Me Tangere by Jose Rizal – our book of the month. I’ll be reading an English translation. I enjoyed the Filipino version when I was in high school, and I’d like to see how it will be in a different language and a different time.
  • Stoner by John Williams – lent to me by our friend Aldrin. This is going to be my first NYRB book. I have considered collecting all these, but they are rather expensive. I’m sure I’ve seen one in a Book Sale branch but I didn’t buy it because I wasn’t curious enough yet with those books (and the title might be too obscure; I can’t remember it).

Now that my moderatorship for last month’s book discussion is over and now that I’ve finally settled quite comfortably in our new house, I hope my reading routine will go back to normal. And yes, I’ll make sure that I’ll finish Mother’s Milk’s last two chapters tonight.



  1. Yay, Virgin Suicides! You know what, I’m getting more and more curious with that Charing Cross book. I hope I’d be able to find a copy in one of my Booksale visits. :)


    • Maybe we could send it to you after Kwesi? And then you send it back so that it will be truly a traveling book! What you think? :D


  2. Hi, Angus! Oh! I’ve read 5 of the 6 books you’ve featured! :-)
    I just have to say that I love them all, and I’m on the hunt for 84 Charring Cross Road. I’ve seen its movie adaptation, which I found quite charming.

    Ah, Stoner. It’s one of my favorite reads ever. Such quiet and elegant prose John Williams has. NYRB is my book porn. I collect them!


    • Hello Peter! :D Stoner was shoved to my face, hahaha. The blurb is interesting, and yes, how could those NYRB books not inspire the book pornographer in anyone? I’m also thinking of collecting them, but for now, I’ll read this one.


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