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After the Bad Weather

First set of books for July

I resolved not to buy any books until I move out, but I just can’t help dropping by book stores for two weeks. It’s like having withdrawal symptoms from methamphetamines or going cold turkey, and it’s not like I am hoarding. Actually, it’s hard to hoard now because my books-to-hunt list is narrowing month after month.

Amidst the bad weather and uncontrollable flood, here are what I got for the past two weeks.

Steps by Jerzy Kosinsky (July 14, 2012, Book Sale – Robinson’s Midtown, Php 115.00)

I am curious about Kosinsky. Something’s telling me that I will like his works. I have always been rescheduling The Painted Bird in my reading plan, and whenever I do that, it’s always with regret. So yes, while waiting for my bookish friends, I looked around and found his National Book Award winner. I didn’t have second thoughts, just because of that gut feeling I have for him.

Where Angels Fear to Tread by E. M. Forster (July 21, 2012, Book Sale – Farmer’s Plaza, Php 50.00)

My first Forster experience was so bad that my reading buddy judged it with a one-star. I didn’t enjoy A Passage to India as well, but I was more forgiving with two-stars. And why did I buy this? I was enchanted by the cover. Okay, I know, we shouldn’t judge books by their covers, but in a literal sense, it’s sometimes hard not to. Besides, it’s not too expensive for a book on sale, so

The Birthday Party by Harold Pinter (July 23, 2012, Book Sale – Edsa Central, Php 10.00)

I am hunting for The Homecoming, his arbitrary masterpiece, but I didn’t pass on this early play of his. It’s only freaking Php 10.00! That’s roughly two dimes. Besides, it might take me a while to find The Homecoming. The Birthday Party is welcome to my Nobel quest. And just in case my bookish friends are wondering, I didn’t base After the Birthday Party from Pinter’s play. (wink, wink)

The Folding Star by Alan Hollinghurst (July 23, 2012, Book Sale – Edsa Central, Php 115.00)

I first found a copy of this during our book club’s Christmas party and immediately gave it to our generous senior moderator, but not without second thoughts. He told me that he’ll give it to me once he’s done with it, but I don’t think he has to give it back because I have a better edition. True, the cover looks bleak, but flipping the first two pages reveals that I found a signed copy! Are you not convinced? Here:


That looks authentic, doesn't it?

That looks authentic, doesn’t it?

Now tell me that isn’t Hollinghurst’s signature.



  1. Monique says

    It isn’t. Haha! Kidding.
    I’ll be reading A Line of Beauty next month. ;)


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