Day: July 26, 2012

First set of books for July

After the Bad Weather

I resolved not to buy any books until I move out, but I just can’t help dropping by book stores for two weeks. It’s like having withdrawal symptoms from methamphetamines or going cold turkey, and it’s not like I am hoarding. Actually, it’s hard to hoard now because my books-to-hunt list is narrowing month after month. Amidst the bad weather and uncontrollable flood, here are what I got for the past two weeks. Steps by Jerzy Kosinsky (July 14, 2012, Book Sale – Robinson’s Midtown, Php 115.00) I am curious about Kosinsky. Something’s telling me that I will like his works. I have always been rescheduling The Painted Bird in my reading plan, and whenever I do that, it’s always with regret. So yes, while waiting for my bookish friends, I looked around and found his National Book Award winner. I didn’t have second thoughts, just because of that gut feeling I have for him. Where Angels Fear to Tread by E. M. Forster (July 21, 2012, Book Sale – Farmer’s Plaza, Php 50.00) My …