Day: July 24, 2012

Fellowship Bookmarks!

TFG’s Book of the Month for June – The Fellowship of the Ring by J. R. R. Tolkien

This post, again, is way too late, but as I mentioned before, I don’t intend to make these posts on time. For what reason, you might ask. First, there’s the question of time. I am either too lazy or too swamped up with work. As one commenter pointed out, I’d do anything not to do anything. Second, there’s the question of resources. I don’t bring my camera during such events, so I rely on other members to upload the photos. And then I steal them. I don’t exactly steal them because I always acknowledge the owner of the photos, right? Anyway, June’s discussion was a little rowdy for there were a lot of participants. Also, there were a lot of newbies who attended, which is a feat for our book club. Perhaps this is because of the book’s popularity among various types of readers, and maybe because I think we are doing pretty well in making those lurkers come out in the open, no? The discussion of the book is light and fun. This was …