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The Sunday Salon – July 17, 2012

It’s already the middle of July and darn it, I’ve only been able to finish one book from my set of July books! This is a little alarming for me, but yes, I have a number of excuses. Let me enumerate them.

First, it’s been a hellish week at work. I barely had time to do my usual browsing of the blogs that I’m following via Google Reader. I did all sorts of stuff, which I shouldn’t have to itemize. But yes, I hope everything will settle down now.

Second, I’ve been very ill-tempered, and that temper, I think, ultimately contributed to leaving my role as one of our book club’s moderators. Let me explain that I did not leave out of an anger burst, but I just felt that my feisty moods are not fit for a moderator. It’s been a fun seven months of making decisions for a group of bookish people (most of them are my friends now), but of course, I will always be here to support our group (I’d like to be one of the laid back people for a change).

Third, I’ve been busy checking the assignments that I requested our book club members regarding our upcoming book club discussion of The Remains of the Day. I asked them to share any persistent memory about love, loss, hope, or regret, and yes, I got what I asked for. I felt the sadness in the pieces submitted to me, and I am truly honored to have been shared some of the most beautiful experiences of our club members. I know it was a demanding assignment, so I really appreciate the effort and openness (although I promised that the stories will remain anonymous for privacy’s sake).

So yes, it’s been an emotional week, and the book that I finished this week couldn’t be more appropriate.

Home by Marilynne Robinson

Date Started: July 7, 2012. 11 PM.
Date Finished: July 15, 2012. 12:15 PM.
Book #38 of 2012

This novel, like the Lord, is wonderful.

This novel, like the Lord, is wonderful.

As I mentioned numerous times before, one cannot hurry through a Robinson novel. I usually found myself stopping just to feel my heartbeat. Oh Jack! I will never forget you. And Robby, too. I wonder if Robinson will continue the Gilead saga with the little Ames’s story?

I’ll try to write something about this soon. And yes, The Remains of the Day is still pending. I am following a very slow reading plan for it in accordance with the online discussion over our book club. I’m so sorry for being incoherent. I just want to post something.

The Final Rereading Week

The Final Rereading Week



  1. Monique says

    I’d like to be one of the laid back people for a change.
    Welcome back to the ranks! :D


  2. That quote from Home finally got me interested. Will be on the lookout for that book from now on…And oh, you’re not the TFG moderator anymore? Okay, lost in space ang drama ko. :D


    • Haha, no worries. No big announcement was made. I just informed the other mods, then tinanggal ko na ang sarili ko.

      If you will read Home, read Gilead first. Or kahit baliktaran pwede, pero mas magandang mauna ang Gilead. :D


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