Day: July 17, 2012

The Sunday Salon – July 17, 2012


It’s already the middle of July and darn it, I’ve only been able to finish one book from my set of July books! This is a little alarming for me, but yes, I have a number of excuses. Let me enumerate them. First, it’s been a hellish week at work. I barely had time to do my usual browsing of the blogs that I’m following via Google Reader. I did all sorts of stuff, which I shouldn’t have to itemize. But yes, I hope everything will settle down now. Second, I’ve been very ill-tempered, and that temper, I think, ultimately contributed to leaving my role as one of our book club’s moderators. Let me explain that I did not leave out of an anger burst, but I just felt that my feisty moods are not fit for a moderator. It’s been a fun seven months of making decisions for a group of bookish people (most of them are my friends now), but of course, I will always be here to support our group (I’d like …