Day: July 9, 2012

The Sunday Salon - July 9, 2012

Reading, and then Rereading

This is another slow week for me. I actually thought of ditching all the books that I have planned to read for this month. But don’t be alarmed; it was just a passing thought, something that I didn’t take seriously. Besides, I think I have really good books lined up ahead, so this should be an interesting month. But before that, let’s wrap up the June books that I just finished this week. Last Orders by Graham Swift Date Started: June 24, 2012. 2:00 PM. Date Finished: July 4, 2012. 9:30 PM. Book #36 of 2012 Oh god, perhaps I shouldn’t have read this along with another book by one of my favorite authors. I was easily annoyed by the characters and practically every little thing about it. I even found myself chucking it off and then settling for that other book, which is the one below. So it took me ten days to finish this slim book? Oh well. It was really a struggle for me. Write-up to follow. Ghostwritten by David Mitchell Date …