Day: June 21, 2012

Motherless Brooklyn by Jonathan Lethem

A De-tec-tic Tale – Motherless Brooklyn by Jonathan Lethem

I am not a fan of detective novels. I am not a fan of a lot of things, if you have noticed through the constant reading of what I write. But I did like watching that Japanese cartoon detective series aired a few years ago on local TV. Detective Conan, yes, that mysteriously shrunken cute boy genius who could solve any crime presented to him thanks to the innumerable convolutions of his brains. And do detective stories always feature a super intelligent detective? No, I suppose. It’s my first time to read a book explicitly described as a detective tale, so I was expecting the protagonist to have some qualities of the detective cliché: trench coat and fedora, an air of mystery, grave and somber personality, vast knowledge on everything, and a weapon hidden beneath the clothes. But what we have here is a human freakshow. That’s what our detective Lionel Essrog is called. He is our protagonist, and instead of inheriting at least one quality from any detective, he instead is afflicted with Tourette’s Syndrome. And …