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A couple of rare encounters and repeated ones

Some rare, some repeated

I mentioned that I’ve been buying books for my friends recently. I’m not that selfless, really, for I also bought books for myself. The past week was a great one for book hoards, and here are what I got from the various sale bins that I visited:

June 11 – Book Sale – Cityland

  • The Complete Stories of Flannery O’Connor (Php 115.00) – My breath was literally taken away when I saw this. I already have her other collection of stories, A Good Man Is Hard to Find, but this is book here is the complete collection. It’s also a National Book Award winner. I know, I am not a big fan of that award, but I am a fan of O’Connor’s short fiction.

June 15 – Book Sale – Market! Market!

  • Darkness Visible by William Golding (Php 145.00) – A nice copy! And it’s been years since I read Lord of the Flies, which I really like. But really, the next Golding that I wish to read is his Booker-winning Rites of Passage, so I had second thoughts about buying this. But upon reading the blurb, I was immediately convinced.

June 16 – Book Sale – Walter Mart Munoz

  • Go Tell It on the Mountain by James Baldwin (Php 115.00) – It’s the first time that I ever saw a copy of this book anywhere. I bought it for I am very sure that it’s in one of those 100 lists. And when I checked my book spreadsheet (yes, I have one), I ticked off one cell from a column that I named “2012 Must Haves.” The funny thing is that I listed it there without even knowing what’s it about.
  • The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver (Php 50.00) – After finishing that literary criticism book which discussed this novel for pages, I was convinced to buy it. I always see this at sale bins, and I always put off my purchase of it just because it’s everywhere. But when I saw one shelf with three copies of it, I decided to go and get one. Who knows, the copies of this book might just disappear all at once.
  • Flesh and Blood by Michael Cunningham (Php 20.00) – I have long considered collecting Cunningham’s novels since I started collecting Hollinghurst’s. This is mostly because they are both contemporary gay writers. What finally pushed me to become a Cunningham completist is the price tag of this book. It’s nearly a freebie, and the condition is not too shabby. Besides, I love The Hours, so maybe I will like his other novels. And oh, I always see this Cunningham novels at sale bins, so it would be easy to complete him in no time.


  1. Diwata Luna says

    Any chance of you giving away that Cunningham? :p Now I know which Booksale branches I should visit. The one in Southmall doesn’t have a wide-ranged collection.


    • Uhm, no, hehe. But it’s easy to spot it. I haven’t been to that Book Sale branch at Southmall, and I recommend SM MOA and Makati Square branches.


  2. I love Cunningham. I saw him speak at the Library of Congress’s book festival last year, and he read from his next book, which I’m excited to read. He was so charming!


  3. Congratulations on the Kingsolver book! I want to buy myself a copy of that book too but I’m still waiting for the price to go down. Most that I saw were over a hundred pesos. Lucky you for finding a P50 worth copy. I wish I will have the same luck someday. :)


    • I also find Php 20.00 copies, but they are quite horrible! The copy that I found is good. No highlights or whatever, no creases, just right!


  4. Thank God I’m in Baguio. There’s not much of a competition here on getting good books. I once went throughout the metro searching books and all I found are crap and all-too-expensive ones. Most likely you’re the ones getting the goodies, hehe.


    • Not really! Hahaha, perhaps that was the crappy season? (The last two months were crappy for me).

      When I was still living in Baguio, the book stores that I frequently visited are Book Sale and those book stores at the ground floor of SM. And that book store at that mall along Magsaysay?


    • I went to Booksale at SM Baguio last May. I thought the books there were priced much higher than other Booksale branches. I did not see any good book lower than P100! Most were at least P127, such as Cloud Atlas and a Faulkner book the title of which I already forgot.


    • @angus yes, Baguio Center mall. But there are small and obscure bookstores scattered across the city. A friend bought a very good copy of Saramago’s blindness for 50 pesos in one of them.
      @lynai Aww. Bookhunting really has those ups and downs.


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