Day: May 22, 2012

The loudest advice

Spoiler Alert! – How to Read Novels Like a Professor by Thomas C. Foster

I’ve borrowed this book from a bookish friend more than a month ago and I’ve been reading a few chapters of it whenever I’ve already met the minimum reading quota for the day. So yes, I have a reading quota, and yes, I’ve been slugging through this book. Which is fine because I get to sink into the pieces of advice that the author has regarding reading novels properly. By properly, I mean reading it with a more academic behavior, like getting the meanings of certain passages that seem to say something, speculating the themes, and interpreting the style, the diction, the tone, the mood, the narration, the point of view, and all that stuff that literature classes are made of. And the question is, is this really necessary? Well, it is a nice book to read, but I don’t think it’s necessary to do so, especially if one is already a keen and discerning reader. The only complaint that I have with this book is that it tends to spoil novels big time. Here …