Day: May 21, 2012

Jumpy, shifting narratives

The Importance of Having a Book Buddy – The Land of Green Plums by Herta Müller

Okay, I’m already done with this so it doesn’t really fit in the category of “Reading”, right? I’m making an exception with this book since I’ve read this along with my favorite reading buddy, Atty. Monique. Instead of putting what I thought of the book, I’m going to plagiarize, I mean mention, some of my book buddy’s thoughts on the book. From Day 1: *wipes the blood slowly gushing from my ears, nose and eyes* Okay, that was heavy. Heavy, man. Points on readability shaved off by a few points, but hopefully I can manage through the entire thing. I like this because I felt the same. It’s always disorienting starting a new book, especially if the last book that you’ve finished is way different from the new one. So yes, the book is a nose-bleeder, a brain-bleeder even, but one can get used to hemorrhaging. From Day 2: The political backdrop has become clearer in these pages, what with the mention of the “dictator” and his illnesses. I take exception to this because I found …