Day: May 14, 2012

These are pretty important books

The necessity of these books

Dream Angus: The Celtic God of Dreams┬áby Alexander McCall Smith – It is necessary to have this book because the Celtic god is my namesake. I’ve been longing to have a copy of this for that reason. Our bookish friend, Doc Ranee, promised to give me this book, and yes, although the promise was delayed for almost five months, it’s now a promise fulfilled. Promises are never broken; they remain to be promises until you can come back to make them come true. Anyway, the book is a hardback first US edition. I don’t know what to expect from this, but expect something to come out of this, like another blog project. Wink, wink. XXXX. (May 7, 2012. Thanks Doc!) The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien – It is necessary to have this book because this edition, this orange trade paperback, matches and completes my Lord of the Rings books. The mass market copy that I have before this one, the green one, I will still keep for the purpose of sentimentality, if ever …