Day: May 11, 2012

The Known World by Edward P. Jones

The black slaves and their blacker master – The Known World by Edward P. Jones

There is a tall stack of literature that deals with slavery. There’s Toni Morrison, there’s William Faulkner, there’s even Mark Twain. So when I was looking for something to read, it was only with apprehension when I held this novel, yet another one on slavery. There’s a lot to say about people owning people, but what of black people owning their own black people? This is a new take on slavery. Why would anyone want to be the master of something that mirrors himself? Although I have no answer for that, I could say that Henry, the blackest master that Virginia ever saw, wants to prove a point. He wants to show people that black people can be better masters than white people. To demonstrate it, he needs to buy slaves, and the available color of slaves that the setting of this novel has to offer is the same as that of his color of skin. The slaves that Henry bought are confused themselves: what has happened to the world? This isn’t what they know …