Day: May 9, 2012

My favorite batch

I always knew I would be a foster parent

Our bookish friend Aldrin recently asked people whether they’d be interested in his books. Knowing the type of books he hoards and getting one pile of them myself during his July giveaway, of course I was interested. I thought he’d be selling them or something, but no, he was letting them go. He wants them to be adopted, and he picked me as one of the foster parents. So we ended up with some vague arrangement: I keep the books but he might borrow them. Which is one degree apart from giving the books away. A literary philantropist, indeed, but why? That I refuse to answer because I fear I might tread on some personal details of his life. What I’d like to talk about now are the new kids that are under my care. Does that make my book shelf an orphanage now? Some of these books, I already have copies of them, but how can you ignore these? I have already read The Hours and The Road years ago, and I cannot bear …