Day: May 7, 2012

The dreaded number

Surely, a monster does not speak that eloquently? – Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

I always thought of Frankenstein as a green-skinned monster with giant screws at his temples. This is what I gather from video games. So it baffles me why my edition shows the image of a fair man standing on a mountain peak and gazing at the nearby mountains covered in mist. That’s because Frankenstein is not a monster. Not the monster. Frankenstein is a nerd who is so excellent at the various sciences that he was able to bring life to nonliving matter. He was so bent on this project that he spent two years in pursuing it. But lo, he created not a man but a monster, the monster, which he immediately ran from right after the daemon, as he called it later, first blinked his eyes. He let it live on its own. This will have its consequences, and upon their first meeting after the daemon’s creation, probably two to four years later, I was surprised to hear the daemon talking in such a manner: But where were my friends and relations? No …