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Book Sale Tour

The first batch of my 28th year

I noticed last week that most Book Sale branches were displaying new books, so yes, I went through five cities visiting some of my favorite stores. Unfortunately, since I am becoming a terribly picky shopper, I wasn’t able to haul as much as  I backpack can hold. Let me just clarify that I did not do the shopping all at once. I still have my work and my other worries in life to attend to.

At Robinson’s Manila (April 25):

  • Then We Came to the End by Joshua Ferris – I trust Time Magazine too much that I am also collecting its 10 best novels of the decade. This is one of them. It looks like a fun book, probably set in an office, but really, I never cared about plot summaries. Php 115.00.
  • Complete Sonnets of William Shakespeare – I’ve been meaning to read Shakespeare, particularly those No Fear Shakespeare books. Look, I can’t pretend to understand his verse, so I might as well help myself by reading those. They have the original and simplified texts, so it really isn’t cheating, right? And how about his poems? What do I have to say about them? Php 25.00
  • Lyric Poems of John Keats – It was seated beside Shakespeare so I also picked it up. Php 25.00

At Makati Square (April 26):

  • The Swimming Pool Library by Alan Hollinghurst – I almost fainted when I saw this. I deeply regret the time when I passed on this one last year. I haven’t read Hollinghurst back then, so you can’t really blame me. And after having read his Booker winner also last year, I had this urgency to read all his novels. Php 115.00.
  • The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens – My second Dickens. I haven’t read him yet, shame on me. I will try my best to insert a Dickens books next year. Php 115.00.

At SM Mall of Asia (April 26):

  • The Death of the Heart by Elizabeth Bowen – It’s been so long since I last saw a copy of this. My first copy, a mass market edition, was destroyed by termites, so yes, you can just imagine my relief when I saw this trade paperback. A sort of resurrection it must be. Php 115.00.

At Farmer’s Plaza – Cubao (April 28):

  • The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen – Finally! I’ve been looking for a nice copy of this, but since I always see copies of this at random stores, I always postponed my purchase of this. And when I noticed that I haven’t been seeing a lot of these lately, I nearly panicked. Good thing this copy that I found is in very good condition. Php 75.00

I also visited the following Book sale branches: SM Megamall (April 24), Starmall (April 24), Pedro Gil (April 25), Cityland (April 27), Shopwise – Cubao (April 28), Walter Mart – Munoz (April 28), SM North Edsa (April 28), and Alphaland South Gate Mall (April 28). That’s a dozen branches in less than a week! I forgot to visit one branch, or probably I didn’t bother because I was too tired. I guess I’m not that obsessive, huh?



    • I think one needs to spend a minimum amount, 5k or something, in order for one to get entry at the warehouse. A nice idea to pool members, no?


    • I know…that’s probably one meet up I’d consider going to :) The TFG member made it seem like she just asked the person in charge if she could go in….?

      I’d be scared about how much money I’d end up spending in there hehehe.


    • I’m more scared at not finding the books that I want and spending my money on books that I already have, haha!


    • Thanks! I like the whiteness and minimalism. I’ve been confused which one to choose since there are three minimalist themes.


  1. Monique says

    And, when you’re in Robinsons Manila, you should text me! I live just a stone’s throw away. I practically live there. :P


    • Sure, I will make a mental note of it. And I was surprised to find out that Powerbooks no longer exists!


    • Monique says

      Yes, some months ago, it closed shop. The only bookstores there now are NBS and Book Sale. Booo.


    • And NBS didn’t have a Rick Riordan book at that time! (I was looking for Book 5 of Percy Jackson, haha!)


    • Monique says

      Percy Jackson? Seriously? Even I am wary of touching those series. Haha!


  2. Yes you did. And I envy you because I can’t do any layout edits by myself haha.

    (I have to figure out how to have an image beside my comments here )


    • Hahaha, one of the commenters also complained about not having a face here, so she linked her FB account instead. :D


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