Day: May 1, 2012

Books To Read: May 2012

Books To Read: May 2012

Argh. When will I ever finish my monthly reading plan? I’m always behind, and this time, it’s worse. I’ve only finished two of my required readings last month, which is not really alarming because these two are quite thick. The other two I can finish easily, probably within a week? And what of Ulysses? I decided to read at least one episode a week. Or maybe I could do two to three if things pick up. So what I did for this month is that I picked not so thick books. Three slim volumes, yes. I hope I can manage this time. White Teeth by Zadie Smith – I’ve seen four copies of this over the weekend at Book Sale branches, but no, I’m reading the edition that I bought months ago from an online seller. I was thinking of reading it on the hardbound edition given/lent by Aldrin, but that’s too heavy for my brittle bones to lug around. I might choke myself to death if I attempt reading it while lying on my …