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So who’s the winner?

First Five

First Five

Before we examine the entries and announce the winner, I’d like to say thanks to everyone who sent greetings through WordPress, Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, and SMS. Now, let’s proceed to business.

We have three qualified entries. As I mentioned, only WordPress followers as of April 24, 2012 or previous commenters may join. Why this rule? I don’t feel comfortable giving away stuff to people I just talked to. Besides, don’t parents tell their kids not to take candies from strangers? So strangers, don’t take candies from me.

Let me remind you that the sole criterion for judging is the appeal that the entries have for me. Here we go!

Entry #1 is from Atty. Monique:

Oh Buddy, you sneak! Why didn’t you just tell me last weekend that today’s your birthday??? I hate you. Huhuhu.

But, okay, since it IS your special day, I will indulge you (and forget that you made me believe your birthday is April 31st, hrmmppppff). I just read your qualifications for contenders, and I think I am very much qualified, even if my blog’s not signed up with WordPress. :P

My favorite post from you? I have so many! Of course, I especially love your not-so-standard review about David Mitchell’s books. But the post that first came to mind when I read your giveaway guidelines was your Little Prince post.


This made me laugh out loud! :)

Your age? Hmm. I think you’re in your mid-twenties, same age bracket as Tina. Maybe 26? :D

All I wish to say I’ve already written on that little note I gave you, the one with the “small memories.” That being said, enjoy the day, my dear Buddy, and have a wonderful, lovely birthday! :)

Coincidentally, Contestant #1’s favorite post is also my most visited post so far. I also enjoyed that post about The Little Prince. Having nothing much to say about it, I just gathered some evidence that the Little Prince is gay.

26? Hmm, not a bad guess. That still counts as middle twenties, no? For her message, it’s a short and sweet thank-you note about our friendship. It’s been roughly a year, right?


Entry #2 is from Miss Jillian:

Happy birthday!! I think you are… 25? I most love your post declaring you are joining The Classics Club because I got to meet you and join your reader journey :) –


And for #3: which is your favorite post on my blog? :P

(No worries if this entry doesn’t actually count. Mostly I’m just saying Happy Birthday.) :)

Contestant #2’s favorite post is one of the most painstaking posts that I did because I had to check and recheck my list of classics. It entails running a CTRL+F on my spreadsheet and cross-checking my book shelf. It was fun though, and because of The Classics Club, I have more drive to catch up on my classics.

25? Just like my birthday! And to answer her question, my favorite post on her blog is when she defended The Classics Club from the detractors. Defend might not be the right term, but what a passionate post! I loved how she put out her beliefs and convictions, defending both herself and the participants, and shortly, the little ruckus was resolved. I cannot find the exact post because I think one spawned after the other and it turned out to be a discussion of literary canons. I was not even able to post a comment; it was resolved that fast.


Entry #3 is from Nurse Tricia:

Happy birthday, Angus!

1. I don’t exactly have a favorite post because you reviewed books I’ve read or been meaning to read. It’s a lot, like Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay (to-read), Lolita (still reading), and Oscar Wao (read). To be honest, the post I always watch out are your book hauls and finds. I know how much you and our book buddies in TFG hoard books from Booksale! IDK, you have good taste in book with literary-insert-prize (in which I only read a few). It’s fun to read posts how people like you find gems in secondhand bookstores. It feels like I did found a gem, too :)

2. Formidable Chairwoman, I’ve know for almost a year na but I still don’t have any idea how old you are. Can I base it with the hairstyles you had?
2.1. Long-hair – you look like a teenager with this hair. (I’m referring to the picture of you with the To Kill a Mockingbird book at Monique’s blog). You look 18 there. IDK how recent was that photo but you look 18.
2.2. Curly – girl, you have Young Neil Gaiman the hippie look, but that looks so hot. Hey, I’m not hitting on you. Anyway, I guess you are around early twenties (24?).

2.3. The Brush-up – IDK but it gives me an impression that you are Rochester. Or Malfoy. Not that you look old, but you look mature. Intelligent. Intimidating. Fierce. Ferocious? Maybe 26?

So my final answer is between 24 and 26. Haha! Dami kong sinabi.

3. Wish? Oh you know my wish for you :) no, not books (because you already have them). It’s MICHAEL FASSBENDER.


Contestant #3’s favorite posts are the book hauls. These often get a lot of hits, probably because there are more tags on them than the other posts. I hope there’s one particular post that was mentioned that we could refer, but she made mention of my posts on our common books (The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, Lolita, and The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao).

24-26? Another indecisive answer after the longish explanation, but still, it’s the middle twenties! Yes, I love changing hairstyles! I’d like to think that I almost tried most hairstyles, from long to short, from no hair to colored hair, from asymmetrical cuts to squeaky clean cuts, and yes, from straight to curly. And thanks for the wish, I’ll be waiting for a Fassbender android in the next few weeks!


Before we announce the winner, there’s a non-entry from Anonymous H:

Hey! Happy Birthday!! I’m not going to join the “contest” because I already have a copy of Remains of the Day…I just wanted to greet you hehehe. My birthday wish for you, is that you finish and understand Ulysses someday hahaha…just kidding :P

Thanks H, you could have joined because as I mentioned, if you already have The Remains of the Day, you could pick any Ishiguro book. Probably you just scanned the post as usual? Hahaha, yes, I will finish Ulysses, come hell or high water!


Okay, I’ve been delaying like one of those multi-sponsored award shows, so let us declare the winner. Atty. Monique, congratulations! If you have qualms on my judgment, let me explain that she’s been the most inquisitive bookish fellow regarding my birthday. She was asking for it everywhere that I just ignored them until that day when we met and I just had to give her a non-existing date, hahaha!

She also promoted the contest, making my birthday the busiest day in my blog. Hurrah! Talk about doing more than what is necessary, right? And here’s the message that she mentioned in her entry:

Small Memories, Short Notes, Big Thanks, Huge Love

Small Memories, Short Notes, Big Thanks, Huge Love

Buddy, please post the Ishiguro book that you wish to have and the book store of your choice for the gift certificate. To Jillian, Tricia, and H, thanks for the participation and the messages. This was fun, see you soon!



  1. Monique says

    WEEEEEE! I finally got to win something from your blog! :D

    Now. For the Ishiguro book. Hmmm.

    You know, my copy of Never Let Me Go is the Kindle edition, and I’ve been meaning to get me a print copy to add to my completist collection. If you could gift me with my most favorite book by Ishiguro, that would be SO wonderful. :)

    As for the GC, I’ll leave it up to you to choose. Any bookstore will do!

    Thank you Buddy! This just made my day! :D


    • I am thinking of these two popular editions:

      This one?

      Or this one?

      As for the GC, I am thinking of NBS just because their books are cheaper (that way, you could maximize it). I will let you know once I have both and please let me know what your preferred method of retrieval is (mail or meetup). Congrats again!


  2. Monique says

    Am I allowed to choose from the 2 editions? Because if I am, I prefer the first one. :D

    NBS would be perfect. I’ll attend the Jellicoe Road F2F – hopefully I’ll have your Small Memories by then. Ang mangyayari ay exchange books. Haha. :) Plus, I also want to be there because I want to see your reaction on your very first YA book, yiiiih! :))


    • Hahaha, I was trying to ignore the fact that it would look like an exchange gift, but I think I pretty much justified my reasons for picking you. Yes, I forgot to ask you to choose. I did not include the mass-market edition because … hahaha, never mind! :D

      Truth is, I’m a little scared of reading Jellicoe Road. I might lose my “fans”, hahaha! Seriously, I’m scared because I might not like it and I might become the target of the YA community’s ire. It’s nothing short of a death threat, haha.


  3. Congratulations, Monique! And belated happy birthday, Angus! (Not that I forgot to greet you on your birthday, hihi). Can I say that this is my most favorite post in your blog? :)


    • Thanks! I think you sent your greetings through FB and Goodreads. And maybe even on Twitter! This post is more of a collaboration, and I’m glad you like it! :D


  4. Jillian ♣ says

    Congratulations, Monique! I hope you enjoy the book. :) Thanks for the kind words, Angus!!


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