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And today is…

My birthday! God’s nightgown! My age is now officially one notch higher than it was yesterday! Which isn’t so bad, so long as I don’t look like it. Please don’t react violently. Indulge me just even today.

Anyway, instead of asking for gifts, I am going to give away freebies. Yes, all you need to do is answer, in more or less than 500 words, the following questions (on the comments section):

1. What is your favorite post in this blog and why? Please include the link.

2. How old/young do you think I am?

3. Do you have any wish for me or anything that you’d like to say?

Qualified participants are WordPress followers of this blog. If you are not from WordPress, you must have made comments (meaning more than one) in the past on any of my posts. If you are going to follow just now or flood me with comments, it wouldn’t count. I think I have to restrict the participants to those readers who indulge me. So yes, thank you!

Oops, I almost forgot to say the prize. It is The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro! I picked this book because I will be moderating our book club’s book discussion of this on July. I’ve already read this, and all I can say is, magnificent! Five stars!

Or if you already have a copy of it (be honest), you may pick any Ishiguro book:

First Five

First Five

And of course, I am not forgetting this:

And the Sixth

And the Sixth

I will try my best to look for the exact edition displayed here. Also, yes there’s more, I will be giving away a Php 500.00 gift certificate from a book store of your choice! I’m feeling generous today despite the fact that I myself have not completed my Ishiguro collection. Anyway, for participants who are not from the Philippines, I am sorry, but you will have to settle with only the book in case you are declared the winner.

Contest runs only today! Comments after 12 midnight are no longer eligible. Comments will not be published until I have reviewed the entries. I will be announcing the winner on April 30, so please watch out!

Wait, how will the entries be judged? The participant with the most appealing answer will, of course, win. By the way, this is a scheduled post, and I might be wandering some place, or eating, or reading, or maybe still sleeping. Which means I won’t be able to entertain any questions today. Just leave your comments and I’ll get back to you.

Happy Birthday to me!

(Images from Knopf Doubleday)



  1. Hey! Happy Birthday!! I’m not going to join the “contest” because I already have a copy of Remains of the Day…I just wanted to greet you hehehe. My birthday wish for you, is that you finish and understand Ulysses someday hahaha…just kidding :P


  2. Monique says

    Oh Buddy, you sneak! Why didn’t you just tell me last weekend that today’s your birthday??? I hate you. Huhuhu.

    But, okay, since it IS your special day, I will indulge you (and forget that you made me believe your birthday is April 31st, hrmmppppff). I just read your qualifications for contenders, and I think I am very much qualified, even if my blog’s not signed up with WordPress. :P

    My favorite post from you? I have so many! Of course, I especially love your not-so-standard review about David Mitchell’s books. But the post that first came to mind when I read your giveaway guidelines was your Little Prince post.


    This made me laugh out loud! :)

    Your age? Hmm. I think you’re in your mid-twenties, same age bracket as Tina. Maybe 26? :D

    All I wish to say I’ve already written on that little note I gave you, the one with the “small memories.” That being said, enjoy the day, my dear Buddy, and have a wonderful, lovely birthday! :)


  3. Happy birthday, Angus!

    1. I don’t exactly have a favorite post because you reviewed books I’ve read or been meaning to read. It’s a lot, like Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay (to-read), Lolita (still reading), and Oscar Wao (read). To be honest, the post I always watch out are your book hauls and finds. I know how much you and our book buddies in TFG hoard books from Booksale! IDK, you have good taste in book with literary-insert-prize (in which I only read a few). It’s fun to read posts how people like you find gems in secondhand bookstores. It feels like I did found a gem, too :)

    2. Formidable Chairwoman, I’ve know for almost a year na but I still don’t have any idea how old you are. Can I base it with the hairstyles you had?
    2.1. Long-hair – you look like a teenager with this hair. (I’m referring to the picture of you with the To Kill a Mockingbird book at Monique’s blog). You look 18 there. IDK how recent was that photo but you look 18.
    2.2. Curly – girl, you have Young Neil Gaiman the hippie look, but that looks so hot. Hey, I’m not hitting on you. Anyway, I guess you are around early twenties (24?).

    2.3. The Brush-up – IDK but it gives me an impression that you are Rochester. Or Malfoy. Not that you look old, but you look mature. Intelligent. Intimidating. Fierce. Ferocious? Maybe 26?

    So my final answer is between 24 and 26. Haha! Dami kong sinabi.

    3. Wish? Oh you know my wish for you :) no, not books (because you already have them). It’s MICHAEL FASSBENDER.



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