Day: April 13, 2012

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

A Literary Symphony in B Major – Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

It was the first time that I attended the meetings of our book club. As it is with groups, little conversations sprout here and there. One conversation rippled within my hearing range, which was about trying out David Mitchell’s novels. The words came from a Haruki Murakami fan. That member feasted on his books, and indeed, it’s high time to dip fingers on other goods. It stuck inside my head. Who is this David Mitchell? A local writer once gave away copies of Cloud Atlas and perennially claims a David Mitchell novel as one of her favorites. And then just a few weeks after, a handful of us from the book club decided to read it. Which turned out to be a revelation. I don’t think I would have ever sampled any of David Mitchell’s works had I not heard that conversation. I don’t think that the people that I’ve read this book with ever turned to be completists of Mitchell’s works or his evangelists, but oops, someone’s list of favorite authors changed after finishing …