Day: March 29, 2012

I like the fifth plan

In the countercurrents of the Pacific – Life of Pi by Yann Martel

I am currently reading this with two friends, LS and Maria. We are now halfway through it, at least I am, and I’ll just post my daily inputs for the first three days to make things easier for me. *** Day 1: Welcome to Zookeeping 101! The first 50 pages felt like nonfiction. It was fun though. The animal talk is just expected, but what I am surprised about is all this talk about Christian and Muslim and Hindu gods. So how will the author make the reader believe in God if he presents multiple gods? I am a monotheist, and that involves a longer discussion. Maybe this can be discussed later. During the first few pages, I had a little problem with Pi’s name. Is it pea¬†or is it pie? I’m glad that this is cleared soon enough. Anyway, Pi is quite a likable character. He’s smart and he strikes me as someone who’d rather be alone. Another problem that I encountered is whether or not this novel is based on real life. It …