Day: March 21, 2012

Yes, that is a whole chapter

Don’t ask why – Play It As It Lays by Joan Didion

People ask Maria, Mar-eye-ah, what makes Iago evil. She doesn’t know, because she never asks. That is sort of paraphrasing the first line of this novel. She then proceeds to tell us a little about herself. An actress, early thirties, married, divorced, one kid named Kate. And then a few more things that meander through her decadent life. And then two more characters introduce themselves: Helene, a woman whose role in Maria’s life I cannot pinpoint yet, and Carter, Maria’s husband. Future ex-husband. And then the novel starts, restarts, at Chapter 1. In episodes. “I want a very large steak,” she said to Les Goodwin in a restaurant on Melrose at eight o’clock that night. “And before the very large steak I want three drinks. And after the steak I want to go somewhere with very loud music.” “Like where.” “I don’t know where. You ought to know where. You know a lot of places with loud music.” “What’s the matter with you.” “I am just very very very tired of listening to you all.” …