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I don’t think I know what books to buy

This has to be the most diverse stack ever.

Here’s a round-up of my Book Sale tours for the first dozen days of March.

March 6, 2012: Book Sale – Alphaland South Gate Mall

  • Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich (Php 20.00) – I already have this, but this cheap trade paperback is welcome to replace my battered mass market. Which is, by the way, gathering moss at my friend’s shelf up there, in Baguio City.
  • World’s Fair by E. L. Doctorow (Php 20.00) – I know, this is a mass market edition that I will want to replace anytime I find a cheap trade paperback. But I just can’t seem to buy one book after having spent an hour and a half at the book store. Besides, Doctorow is a nice writer. His Ragtime was a revelation, although I am not too crazy about it.

March 6, 2012: Book Sale – SM Mall of Asia

  • Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White (Php 45.00) – Surprise! Oh well, the goose, or duck, got me. Honk honk!
  • A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess (Php 75.00) – I have recently read this, I know. But this edition is too beautiful to ignore. Minimalist cover design, sharp edges, and fresh smell. This one is not for me because I can’t replace the edition that I have, which was given to me by a friend. So yes, I am giving this away. Please ask nicely if you want this edition.

March 8, 2012: Book Sale – Makati Square

  • Beginner’s Kakuro by Michael Mepham (Php 75.00) – I like puzzles, but I haven’t tried this. Kakuro should be challenging. Oh yes, it is! I tried the first puzzle. It has a “gentle” difficulty level. It took me two hours to finish it.
  • Secret Lives of Great Composers by Elizabeth Lunday Php (45.00) – I like classical music. And the cover has a funny comic book-esque illustrations of Beethoven smashing a chair, Stravinsky conducting a riotous orchestra, and Glass driving a cab. Wait, who is Glass? I don’t know, but this book is not bad. I am thinking of reading it to take breaks from books that might bore me.

Really, what am I buying? Please don’t judge me.



  1. Monique says

    I’m reading Charlotte’s Web right now! Oh and I think we have the same copy. Is that the hardcover from HarperCollins? Bought my copy from Book Sale too! :)


    • It’s a mass market, hahaha. I am not sure who the publisher is. But if it has the cover of the goose … (what’s with geese lately?)


    • Monique says

      Oh, and by the way. A Clockwork Orange is in my wish list shelf. :D

      *noo-ni-noo-ni-noooooo* *twiddle thumbs*


    • Hahaha! Lynai asked first. :D Actually, Amelia was the very first, but since she’s from the US, I told her that she’ll have it if nobody from the Philippines asks for it. So there, Lynai will be (hopefully) reading A Clockwork Orange.


  2. Your reading is eclectic, but none of it is fluff. No educated person would be judgmental about that. Enjoy your exploration! I like codeword puzzle books and I do at least one puzzle a day. They take me about a half-hour to finish, but they required more time when I first started solving them. I’ve learned what to look for.



    • Hi Miss Jeanne! I take eclectic as a compliment. The puzzle book that I bought is, well, addictive. I haven’t read for one night just because I was too busy solving one puzzle!


    • Thirty minutes a day isn’t a lot of time and I find the puzzles both challenging and relaxing. In addition to my tutoring business, I’m writing all the lessons for a series of learn-to-read apps (http://www.readingraven.com) and I spend time writing fiction for myself and editing for others. Where do I find all this time? I don’t watch TV. Yes, I’ve been told I miss some good programs, and I’m sure it’s true, but I prefer to read, write, and puzzle-solve.


    • Oh, we’re both enlightened! I also don’t watch TV, mainly because I don’t have a TV set, but after getting used to not watching it, I never even thought of buying one for myself. I don’t even watch the news. I only get updates from my mom and my friends.

      Where can we read your fiction?


    • Hi Angus,

      I noticed that I was the only one here without a photo so I filled out a profile for ‘Gravatar’. I have no idea where this will show up–maybe nowhere;maybe everywhere. Just in case you don’t see it anywhere, I’ll copy it here for you. I’ve provided links to the anthologies (free downloads) that contain two of my stories. The story, “Elder Cares” is about two elderly sisters, living on the shores of Puget Sound, who do not act at all elderly! And “Unlocking William” is about a naughty boy– or let’s say “a boy whose energies need redirecting”. ;-) You have to down load the entire anthologies to read them, but why not? It’s free reading, and if they take up too much space in your computer, you can always delete them after you’ve read whichever selections interest you. Okay … hmm, I tried to paste the profile here but it didn’t work. So here are the links to the anthologies, “Menage-a-20; Tales with a Hook” and “Unlocked; Ten ‘Key’ Tales”. The latter is a YA anthology.



    • Hi Miss Jeanne,

      Thanks for the links! I’ll try to read them as soon as I have time. Unlocking William sounds interesting! I like reading unpublished short stories (I hope I am right in assuming this; if not, my apologies).

      Regarding the Gravatar photos, most of the commenters above have WordPress accounts. The two are sort of linked together. Check out dear Lynai, she also has a “mystery” face.


  3. I bought E.L. Doctorow’s City of God a long time ago and decided to give it away without reading it. Was that stupid of me or what? And, I would love to have Clockwork Orange but I am too far away, so…*wink wink* :D


    • No, you’re not too far away. You’re still in the Philippines. So that means … another book in your TBR! Send me your mailing address through … where? Oh, PM me at Goodreads. :)


    • Weee! So that means I should expect a book in the mail anytime soon? Thank you, Angus! Will PM you after I send this reply. :)


  4. Amelia, maybe next time you’ll be luckier? Or if I find another copy in the sale bins, I’ll mail it to you no matter where you are. :)


  5. I bought my Charlotte’s Web for P315 I 5 years ago because a friend told me the story. P315 is a big money then, but worth it. It made me cry a lot.


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