Day: March 6, 2012

The Golden Age is the Middle Marker

An artist, an escape artist, a comic book artist – The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon

This is cool. This is sheer nerdiness. This is about comic books! Are you expecting the cynical me to diss this art form? Of course not, you! I was reared into comic books myself, not during the heydays of Superman, but that of the X-Men, their latter, waning years. I at least had a taste of the comic book hype before something else snatched my devotion. Our protagonists are Joe Kavalier and Sam Clay, creators of comic book heroes and artists in their own rights. Really, this is more about Joe Kavalier, an interesting case study, if you ask me. He is Jew who meanders his way from Prague to New York City. Really, why would anyone leave Prague, one of my ultimate dream destinations along with Bhutan, Azerbaijan, Morocco, Iceland, New Zealand, and, okay, Venice? One is sort of forced to, especially if your parents wasted the family fortune just so you could escape the hands of the Nazis. Joe swears to bring his family with him to New York, particularly his brother Thomas, …