Day: February 22, 2012

A Couple of French Authors

Oh please, excuse my French

It’s a challenge to spell Houellebecq. It’s a challenge to pronounce it as well; the eleven letters only take up two syllables. And so is Gide. I always thought it sounds like “giddy,” but I recently found out that it has a silent e and the g is pronounced like a j. Sure, almost everyone loves French, reputed to be a lyrical and sweet language. But why all the excess of unpronounced letters, diacritical marks, and apostrophes? By the way, I’m not even sure if Michel is pronounced as “Michael” or “Mitchell” or “mee-KEL.” I just checked now, and I think it sounds like “Michelle.” Anyway, I got The Possibility of an Island last February 15, Php 50.00, at National Book Store – Glorietta 5. Jzhun pointed it to me; it was stuck between forgettable titles in one of the sale bins. What I was doing with this bookish friend is nothing close to romantic; we were scouting for French restaurants for our February book of the month, which is oh, written by a French …