Day: February 17, 2012

Offshore by Penelope Fitzgerald

Of boats and, what? – Offshore by Penelope Fitzgerald

After almost a year of reading this, I am still confused whether to like this or not. You have to somehow give the author credit for the sparseness of the text. The book is like a pamphlet; one could use it to swat a hardheaded fly. One could even finish this in a couple of hours, if he is a fast reader. But after finishing, what? I remember telling one of my bookish friends that the novel ended in a strangely astonishing way. My reaction was, is that it? But I want more! The climax, which is at the last page, didn’t give us a chance to brood about what will happen to the characters. Everything is left up the air. If this novel were a portrait, it is an unfinished sketch. You see details here and there, the eyes, the nose, but there are a lot of jagged, blurred lines between each. Is that scraggly line a stray hair? Are those dots freckles or rashes? Not the perfect portrait if you are looking for …