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I’m giving these books away

Harper Lee and Jostein Gaarder Books

Not to you, but to the teenagers of Virlanie foundation. I am giving away To Kill a Mockingbird bird for reasons that you could read about at the pilot post of The Spark Project. The three Jostein Gaarder books, I haven’t read them yet. But I trust Mr. Gaarder, my sole basis being Sophie’s World. I want to give away a copy of that too, but I couldn’t find an affordable copy.

But first, before we give them to the teens, whom we hope are as excited as we are, we need to cover them. Not only them, these four, but other books that will be donated by members of TFG as well. I don’t cover my own books because I want to feel their nakedness whenever I read them. Besides, I’m too lazy to cover all of them. It would take a lot of management and OC-ness for me to complete this task.

And I swear, I’m never going to cover any books again, at least for this year. There are more or less 200 books that will be given away, both old and new. So what I am donating is more or less only 2% of the total count of books. And just imagine the number of books that I was able to cover in one afternoon.

I thought I was good at covering books because I distinctly remember that I did a good job at it back in my younger years. However, the first batch of books that I covered were too sucky. They bulged at the edges. I tried to redeem myself by cutting off the excess plastic at the edges of the next batch of books. I even further challenged myself by neatly covering a trade paperback with flaps and a hardbound. The later was more like covering the dust jacket and devising a way so that it would not slip off the book.

Of course, I redeemed myself from the bad covering that I did with the first few books.

Not that it was laborious because there are the usual random book talks and random talks about randomness. And there’s food for everyone. There’s coffee. There’s tea. There’s something to stuff your mouth with if you aren’t busy ranting about something. Overall, it was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.

We actually finished until evening. It was drizzling, but that’s fine because someone had the sense to bring a car with him. So yes, that’s free transportation.

It was also one of the member’s birthday. What a meaningful way to celebrate one’s birthday. Happy birthday!

Book Covering Details

  • Date: February 12, 2012
  • Place: Miss Veronica’s house. Thank you so much for the food and the hospitality!
  • Time: 9AM to 7 PM
  • Attendees: Me, Alona, Anna, Aries, Ayban, Charles, JL, Jzhun, Patrick (newbie), Po, Doc Ranee, Rollie, Rowell (newbie), Ruby, Sheryl, Tina, Miss Veronica
  • Food I Ate: Coffee, apple-cinnamon-raisin tea, soup with quail eggs, roasted chicken, fish fillet nuggets, pancit with mushrooms, coke, iced tea, chips, et al.


  1. You know, I have several titles of Jostein Gaarder’s on my wishlist, two of which are The Ringmaster’s Daughter and Through A Glass, Darkly. :D


    • Monique says

      Oh but I didn’t say I’d go. Allie was due for a routine checkup with her pedia in the afternoon. You know there’s no way I can go to Virlanie. :(

      Is there a video of you and your (better hidden) talent?? Haha!


    • I know, nanay duties first before anything else. :) One of the newbies, Rowell, captured “the show.” It got to the point that I was oblivious of the camera. I don’t know if he is going to upload the videos. I hope not, hahaha.


    • Monique says

      Ah, then I know now that I missed a lot of the AFTER-event. Haha! We’ll see, next time. ;)


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