Day: February 16, 2012

Harper Lee and Jostein Gaarder Books

I’m giving these books away

Not to you, but to the teenagers of Virlanie foundation. I am giving away To Kill a Mockingbird bird for reasons that you could read about at the pilot post of The Spark Project. The three Jostein Gaarder books, I haven’t read them yet. But I trust Mr. Gaarder, my sole basis being Sophie’s World. I want to give away a copy of that too, but I couldn’t find an affordable copy. But first, before we give them to the teens, whom we hope are as excited as we are, we need to cover them. Not only them, these four, but other books that will be donated by members of TFG as well. I don’t cover my own books because I want to feel their nakedness whenever I read them. Besides, I’m too lazy to cover all of them. It would take a lot of management and OC-ness for me to complete this task. And I swear, I’m never going to cover any books again, at least for this year. There are more or less …