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Waiting For My Poet

Waiting Four So Long

You can interpret that however you want, what with post-Valentine’s celebrations still going on. I treated yesterday as a normal day, but of course, it’s not as normal as I want it to be, given that the storekeeper across the street greeted me like the day was a legal holiday. Which is funny because nobody greets you on a legal holiday, say Independence Day. Or maybe one is not supposed to greet strangers on legal holidays?

But there is Christmas, and everyone is greeting strangers as early as September. And why am I talking about that When I originally intended to report the two books that I found within the past week?

  • Waiting by Ha Jin – a title that fits the situation that I was in. Not that I was waiting for my poet at Book Sale – Edsa Central last February 10. I was waiting for my bookish friends for a sort of group date. Nah. I was to meet them because I’ll be getting the books that they’ll be donating. I’ll make a note to myself to write something about that. Anyway, we were supposed to meet at another book store. But I was an hour early, so I lounged a bit and found this book, something about a man postponing the end of his marriage year after year. Php 70.00.
  • Four Quartets by T. S. Eliot – I almost jumped when I saw this at Book Sale – Makati Square. Although this is not The Waste Land, a collection of Eliot’s poems, this will do since this is his magnum opus, his “farewell to poetry” as the back cover says. I haven’t read a book of poetry for a long while. I think the last one was back at college, and I didn’t really read that book; I just borrowed that because I had to record my voice reading poetry for a multimedia programming class. That was a frustrating activity because I didn’t get a grade as high as I expected just because most of my classmates belted out their favorite tunes, much to the amusement of our instructor. Oh well. No flowers or chocolates for me on Valentine’s Day, but I have this book, and it’s only Php 45.00.

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