Day: February 14, 2012

January's Book of the Month

TFG’s Book of the Month for January – 1984 by George Orwell

I figured I should write something about this. I figured that I should do this monthly feature because I have both the fortune and burden of being one of the moderators of an online-offline book club. I have mentioned this book club in passing in some of my past posts, so let’s do a little background. The Filipino Group, or TFG, is a book club based on Goodreads. I know, the group’s name could mean anything. The Filipino Group for what? It could be a Filipino Group for stamp collectors, or dog-lovers, or lunatics that still manage to maintain lucidity online. I do not wish to explain, because the group creator and the past moderators, who are now inactive and who could be dead as of this moment, have that job to do. Besides, it’s a name that is indelibly stuck to our minds so changing it isn’t something that we are inclined to do, although it came up once or twice. TFG has been around since 2007, I think. I only joined the group …