Day: February 8, 2012

It takes a while for Artemio to die

I just want to finish a book, so can you just die now? – The Death of Artemio Cruz by Carlos Fuentes

I am not sure if I am enjoying this book. Reading about an old man on his deathbed could mean a lot of flashbacks and nostalgia, and that is fine with me. This dying man, Artemio Cruz, is very articulate, so the narrative is brilliant. And Carlos Fuentes is a revelation, so why am I unsure of what to feel about this? The writing shifts to different tenses, perspectives, narrators, settings, and points-of-view almost seamlessly. So yes, it’s a little challenging to read this novel. It’s written unconventionally. The parts are broken into dates that do not follow a straight timeline, yet the present and the future keeps meddling with the past. One can get lost in a single page. Like a llama. I’m plagiarizing someone with the llama, and I can’t help it. Probably I don’t like the protagonist. He’s too wordy. I’m all for verbosity, but I want my narrators to have neat and precise diction. I don’t mind long novels, but if it takes a writer two to three pages to make …