Day: January 25, 2012

Step 7

Now Serving – Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy

Before I set out to read Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian, which I postponed for almost half the year, I prepared one of my favorite desserts, strawberries and cream. This is not strictly a dessert because I haven’t eaten anything decent when I ate this. And I am not too sure if this is what one may really call your regular strawberries and cream. For the fun of it, I’ll lay down the steps on how I came up with this. I refuse to say cook because this is not cooking. It’s just slicing strawberries and opening cans and tetra packs and mixing stuff on a bowl. And oh, lest you misunderstand, I am not switching to food blogging. 01. Buy some strawberries. Look, those look sweet, but really, they are not. That’s why we are transforming them into something sweet. 02. Buy a can of condensed milk and a pack of all-purpose cream. The quantity depends on your capability to gorge all that sweetness in your gut. 03. Open the can with a something. Duh? …