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The Sickness That Is Book Hoarding

Fear and Trembling and Snatching and Hoarding

I’m book hoarding. Again. I can’t help it. It’s pathological. Oh well, at least the books aren’t too expensive. That’s a relief, I guess? And I didn’t buy a whole stack of books. Just three. So that cannot really be called book hoarding. Right? And yes, I’m trying my best to read all my unread books as soon as possible. As if that would justify the hoarding, and really, do we need to?

I got the first two at Book Sale and the last at Books for Less. Both stores are in SM Mall of Asia.

  • Long Day’s Journey Into Night by Eugene O’Neill – A play. This is supposed to be the Nobel laureate’s masterpiece. That’s based on my research, one that I undertook for my lifelong challenge of reading the Nobel masterpieces. Php 75.00.
  • The Magic Barrel by Bernard Malamud – A novel. A National Book Award winner. I really think I should read a Malamud novel. His other novel, The Fixer, won the Pulitzer. The Assistant, another of novel, is listed in Time’s 100 Novels. Php 115.00.
  • Fear And Trembling And The Sickness Unto Death by Soren Kierkegaard – A philosophy book. By God’s nightgown! I almost squealed when I saw this that I immediately snatched it off the shelf, which is funny because I was the only person at the store when I found this aside from the sales people, of course, and I was just glad that we weren’t within each other’s line of vision for that surely might have thought that I was lunatic. I was hoping to find Kierkegaard’s Either/Or, but this one will do. Php 98.00.


  1. Monique says

    I’m trying to “fix” my book hoarder ways by staying away from Book Sale outlets whenever I can. That, and the fact that I need only look at my husband’s raised eyebrow whenever I even so much as glance towards a bookstore. Sheeesh.


    • But I don’t have a husband, or a partner for this matter, who would signal an alarm. And since I’m single, I sometimes go on Book Sale tours! Not healthy, I know. But it could pass off as a form of exercise. :D


  2. I admire you, you always read books that seem so important. Lol, I really should read more books like this. I had to do a report on O’Neil and I had to read “Desire Under the Elms”, you know his last words were, “I knew it. I knew it. Born in a hotel room, and God damn it, died in a hotel room.” He seemed like a haunted man…his life kind of sucked.


    • Whoa, I had tears in my eyes when I read his last words. I’m very sentimental, forgive me. Thanks!

      I don’t know why lean toward books that are like that, that seem so important. It’s another sickness aside from my book hoarding. I now want to read O’Neill as soon as possible, but looks like it has to wait until next year. I try to read one Nobel book a month. More than one is overdose.

      Are you a lit major or something? It strikes me as unusual that you reported O’Neill.


    • I like to book hoard too. You know what’s worse? I have a bunch of Pringle cans I saved because I tell myself I’ll need them for some arts and crafts project. Like making a castle or something. I do that with a lot of stuff…oh that coffee can can hold packets of spices…then I wonder is this creativity or poverty. But you know, is it really hoarding if you have the space for everything?

      Yeah, I’m a lit major. I had a short story and drama class and we each had to do a report on a playwright and I chose O’Neill. You have a cool reading system.


    • I perfectly understand the Pringles and coffee can obsession because I also do that with… plastic bags! It only makes sense when you think that plastic is not biodegradable. And I only use it for trash. Not even for artsy or crafty stuff. And I can only fill our trash can once a week, so you could only imagine the number of plastic bags I have at disposal.

      I haven’t read a play yet, which is dumb for a self-professed reader. But I will be reading Beckett next week. It’s a really short play, Waiting for Godot.


  3. theveryhungrybookworm says

    maybe we should form a support group? There are enough of us out there…


  4. Kristel says

    The worst/best thing about buying at BookSale is the mixture of joy for getting your hands on a title for cheap and shame for buying more books when you already have a ton left unread.

    Congrats on the haul! I tried reading Kierkegaard before. MIND-NUMBINGLY COMPLEX.


    • Especially if the books are practically giveaways (Php 10 or Php 20). I approved Kierkegaard with the help of Sophie’s World. However, I do not have any idea how his writings really are, haha. Those capital letters will remind me to prepare when I get around to reading that. When? Of course, I don’t know. :D


  5. Lol, that plastic bag idea makes sense. My mom uses them as shower caps :)
    I heard Waiting for Godot was crazy in a good way. Hope you have fun.


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