Day: January 24, 2012

Fear and Trembling and Snatching and Hoarding

The Sickness That Is Book Hoarding

I’m book hoarding. Again. I can’t help it. It’s pathological. Oh well, at least the books aren’t too expensive. That’s a relief, I guess? And I didn’t buy a whole stack of books. Just three. So that cannot really be called book hoarding. Right? And yes, I’m trying my best to read all my unread books as soon as possible. As if that would justify the hoarding, and really, do we need to?

I got the first two at Book Sale and the last at Books for Less. Both stores are in SM Mall of Asia.

  • Long Day’s Journey Into Night by Eugene O’Neill – A play. This is supposed to be the Nobel laureate’s masterpiece. That’s based on my research, one that I undertook for my lifelong challenge of reading the Nobel masterpieces. Php 75.00.
  • The Magic Barrel by Bernard Malamud – A novel. A National Book Award winner. I really think I should read a Malamud novel. His other novel, The Fixer, won the Pulitzer. The Assistant, another of novel, is listed in Time’s 100 Novels. Php 115.00.
  • Fear And Trembling And The Sickness Unto Death by Soren Kierkegaard – A philosophy book. By God’s nightgown! I almost squealed when I saw this that I immediately snatched it off the shelf, which is funny because I was the only person at the store when I found this aside from the sales people, of course, and I was just glad that we weren’t within each other’s line of vision for that surely might have thought that I was lunatic. I was hoping to find Kierkegaard’s Either/Or, but this one will do. Php 98.00.