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And the Oscar goes to…

The awards season is on, and it is only at this time of the year that I really watch movies. Totally irrelevant, I know, since this is a book blog. And oh, the Oscar, I mean the winner of the Happy Bloggy Birthday Book and Gift Cheque Giveaway is…

Wait, let’s check out the entries first. Here they are:

Entry No. 1: From my buddy, Atty. Monique. She blogs at Bookish Little Me.

Okay, 12 years old. Hmm. I remember wanting to learn how to cook so much that I offered to cook (read: fry) the chicken that my dad prepared for our dinner one time. (Yes, my dad’s the unofficial cook in our house.) After my dad gave me the specific instructions, I donned an apron (no, it doesn’t say “kiss the cook” on it), prepared the pan and the tongs, and proceeded to cook. Well, I didn’t know that I was supposed to let the water on the pan dry up before putting in the oil, or else, puputok. So what happened was, I drizzled the oil onto the pan and before I realized what was happening, the hot oil spat at me right in the face – somewhere within the vicinity of my right cheek, just beside my right nostril. It hurt so much and grew into a huuuuge scab, but I proudly wore it and did not disguise it as a pimple. Whenever my schoolmates or teachers would ask what it was, I’d always say, “Natalsikan po ng mantika,” with a certain glow and pride in the words. See, it was a testament to my attempts to learn how to cook.

Yes, I do know how to cook now, thank you very much.

What we like about Entry No. 1: The nostalgic humor! And we love food! I’m thinking of eating fried chicken soon. We also love how the contestant borders on ranting, an activity that we are inclined to do.

Entry No. 2: From one of my bookish friends, Tricia. She blogs at In Lesbians with Books. No, she’s not a lesbian.

When I was 12, it’s full play. I didn’t think about things seriously. So innocent and temporary. So I don’t remember much anything except this guy:

You always have that serious look on your face.
You’re always the most obedient kid on the planet.
I watch you going in and out of the room.
I always wonder if you can stay for a while so I can stare at you.
I always wonder if you notice me.
You seem to be busy with errands all the time.
I wonder if you can stay for a while so I can introduce myself.

You tease me a lot.
I wonder if that’s cute or frustrating.
At least I have some of your divided attention.

I always long for your laugh and parade of funny sarcastic insults.
Quite a martyr? Not really. I don’t mind or take them seriously.
At least I have some of your divided attention.

I was twelve, then. What happened next? After ten years of shit and happiness, we’re still together.

What we like about Entry No. 2: We love forms and structures. We love attempts at poetry. We love recalling our puppy loves. And we love the last line!

Entry No. 3: From one of my new bloggy friends, Skye. She blogs at Book Rain.

The year I turned twelve was the year my mom and I moved to Florida to attend Bible school. She worked in a coat closet in the balcony of this church because that’s where the translation department equipment was. The church services went to all hours of the night and sometimes early mornings. I have memories of my mom telling me to go to sleep because I had school but we had to stay so she could work. I fell asleep many nights underneath the jackets in that coat closet. It sounds odd but I remember it fondly looking up and seeing ushers coats, hearing my mom translate the service and hearing people worshiping in the service outside the door.

What we like about Entry No. 3: The contestant admits the oddness of this memory. We love such eccentricities. There’s a lot to be said about strangeness. And the contrast of sleep and worship.

Hurray! There are three entries! Just to let you know, I would have given away the book and the gift cheque even if there was only one entry. And really, each entry has its merits. So who should take away the book about a twelve-year old boy and the gift cheque for a new book?

After deliberating with my multiple selves, we have come up with a conclusion. The winner of Happy Bloggy Birthday Book and Gift Cheque Giveaway is Tricia! Congratulations! Please leave a comment on this post and tell me how you’d like to receive the prizes (by mail or by meeting up). Also, please tell me your preferred book store for the gift cheque.

To Atty. Monique and Skye, thanks for participating. See you on the next giveaway, that is, if I still have an excess of the spirit of giving.



  1. Woot Woot! Congrats Tricia I’m glad you’re still together with him.
    Atty. Monique I’m glad you know how to cook, goodness knows I don’t. I had to look up how to cut an onion the other day :) Thanks Angus for your awesome giveaway opportunity!


  2. Tricia says

    Hahahaha! Sorry, I got too excited I forgot to include in my comment that I prefer FullyBooked GC and see you on 28th F2F discussion! :D


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