Day: January 18, 2012

You have until tomorrow

To what? To submit your entries for the Happy Bloggy Birthday Book and Gift Cheque Giveaway! Lest you misunderstand, there are participants, yes, so this is not purely a marketing thing. But for the lack of anything to blog about today and for my itch to blog about something today, I’ll just post this reminder.

More details of the contest here.

In the meantime, I’d like to make a sort of announcement. If you are willing to be my reading buddy for any of my selected books for the month, feel free to say so by leaving a comment on any of the posts. I usually do this buddy reading at GoodReads – TFG, but since most of the buddy reading threads were deleted there, I think it’s better to keep them here.

I felt bad when those threads were deleted. It’s like my thoughts and memories were erased. I actually still feel bad about it, but there’s nothing I can do.

I’m currently reading 2666 with the bloggers from The Misanthropologist and Kikay Reader, and the blogger from Fully Booked .Me showed an interest in reading Housekeeping together. I still don’t know though how to really go about this, like the format and stuff like that, but that can come later.

And yes, don’t forget the deadline.