Day: January 17, 2012

Friday the 13th Books

The Unlucky Books

Not all of them. But yes, three of them were purchased┬álast January 13. Friday. Friday the 13th. Does that ring a bell? It does! Come and join me, let’s greet my mom a belated happy birthday! That’s not a joke. She, my mom, celebrated her 4_th birthday last Friday the 13th. And since that day is special to me, I want to have a book bought on that day just to mark the occasion. The Piano Teacher by Elfriede Jelinek – This book has been haunting me since December. Wait. I think it started way earlier than that, probably right after I finished watching its film adaptation. I cannot recall when exactly was that, probably the middle of 2011? Anyway, let me just clarify that my mom is remotely anything like the protagonist of this book. Some of my good bookish friends hate this to the bone. One of them even has the temerity to call this work a smut. What?! I cannot believe that. I am tempted to read this as soon as possible. …