Day: January 10, 2012

2666 Diaries, I

Will they screw each other? – 2666 Diaries, I

The Part about the Critics Yes. It’s literally a diary. Wait. I’d rather call it a reading journal. It’s one of the things I resolved to maintain this year. If I can’t quit smoking or oversleeping, maybe I can do this. And never mind the handwriting. It sucks, and I have the temerity to flaunt it under the mercy of stray graphologists. I can use a pricey notebook for my reading journal, but it wouldn’t change my handwriting. And if you are trying to decipher the code, let me just correct myself. The Perrier that you might have read on that page is really Pelletier. Now enough of this and let’s proceed with the real diary. Notes: These are originally posted on a discussion thread at GoodReads-TFG. I am currently reading this with the bloggers of The Misanthropologist and Kikay Reader, and our bookish friends Emir and Doc Ranee. Their inputs, although copy-pasted from their original sources, have minor translations and edits.¬†Also, there are spoilers! And please don’t expect to understand the novel’s entirety based …