Day: January 9, 2012

The First Batch of Loots

The Last of Last Year, the First of This Year

I was becoming pretty desperate for the past few days because I haven’t been able to buy any book. I am not one of those people who are resolving to cut down their expenses by controlling their urges to go book hoarding. Kudos to them! I know it takes a lot to do that, and I don’t think I can so I’ll just carry on indulging myself.

So what did I get?

  • Dog Soldiers by Robert Stone – This is the last book that I got for 2011. I found it at Fully Booked Marquee Mall. Php 70.00. I don’t know what it’s about, but I trust Time Magazine’s list. The store also had Anthony Powell’s A Dance to the Music of Time – Autumn for Php 80.00. I asked two chitchatting staff members if they had any Powell books on the sale bin. I know it’s a futile question because more often than not, they have no idea. But I have to ask anyway, just for the sake of verifying even though it’s pretty much verified as I see it. No, they don’t have other Powell books on sale. Why I didn’t buy it? I want to buy this series in one go.
  • Fatelessness by Imre Kertesz – My first book of the year. I just wanted to buy a book during the first week of the new year. I got this last January 6 at Power Books Greenbelt. Php 469.00. A little pricey for a short book, but I have been meaning to buy this since I first read its blurb. I think I even wishlisted this during our book group’s Christmas Party. Now that’s one wish off my list. And this book is going to give me a problem because I so want to read it soon, which means I will have to replot my reading plan for either February or March.
  • Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel – The next day, I went to my dentist. I swung by Book Sale Munoz just because it’s really near the clinic, and I found this! I have been forever battling with myself whether to buy this or not at a regular book store. And just a couple of days ago, I was chatting with a bookish friend regarding this book, or rather about my hopes of seeing this book at Book Sale. Another wish granted. Php 45.00.
  • The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – I also got this at the same store for the same price. I don’t know what it’s about, but it should be a good classic. Why do I say “should”? Php 45.00
  • Severance by Robert Olen Butler – After my dental appointment, I was to meet a friend at Gateway Mall. I swung by Book Sale Farmer’s Plaza despite my friend’s protest, who was already at the meeting place. I’m glad I didn’t have much of a conscience that time because this is a nice loot. This is a collection of short stories about what’s going on inside people’s heads after they are severed from their respective bodies. Short short stories, I must stress, because the severed head’s thought processes do not last that long. Php 45.00.

I’m so happy. And oh, please do not assume that I haven’t been doing my readings. I am still in the middle of 2666. A couple of things just bogged me down, like my inability to wake up early during the weekends. Totally irrelevant, I know, but if we compute the lost hours for reading due to oversleeping, you’ll see what I mean.