Day: January 7, 2012

Happy Bloggy Birthday!

Happy Bloggy Birthday

Or Happy Bloggiversary. Or is it Bloggaversary? Either way, it sounds bad, so I’ll stick with Happy Birthday. But really, today is not BR’s birthday. If you really want to know, this blog died and was just resurrected last year, January 7, 2011, with a comeback post regarding Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. Apt enough since that is the first novel that I ever read. I think I should stick with that date as BR’s birthday because posts before that day have all been deleted, dating back to as far as October 2009. Those are a handful of posts regarding Death at Intervals and The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. But that’s not the point. In the spirit of goodwill and sharing, and in gratitude of the attention that you are indulging me by reading what I have to say on books that I’ve read and half-forgotten, I’m giving away a book and a gift cheque. Oops, with feelings now: I’m giving away a book and a gift cheque! Don’t try rereading that sentence …