Day: January 2, 2012

Books to Read for January 2012

Books To Read: January 2012

Welcome 2012! Welcome new books! Welcome everyone! For my loyal visitors, which are at least three, you surely have noticed the new look of my blog. It’s out of my OC-ness. New year, new everything. And I’m introducing a new category here, the Reading Plans. A post under this is basically about the books that I intend to read for the month. And why am I doing this? It’s a part of instilling reading discipline. It works for me. I guess. And before I lead this post astray, here are the January books. I already mentioned four of the books in previous posts. Coincidentally, these four books are picked for this month based on “random” selection. I do not wish to read them in some order but really, I might just do that. Here’s the preferred order: 2666 by Roberto Bolano – the first book for the year! I’ll be starting tonight, and I’ll be reading this with a fellow blogger who blogs at The Misanthropologist. This is our second book that we will be …