Day: December 31, 2011

Books I Am Excited to Read

Quarterly Rhapsody: Reading Plans

I love plans. Rather, I love plans but I am not crazy about executing them. But really, it depends on the plan that is being planned. There are different types of it, like a fire escape plan. It’s something that most employees must have had to drill with, but really, can people even go with such a plan when fire is licking the fire exit? So I prefer planning things that are achievable. A reading plan sounds nice. To others, it is the act of the obsessed. Never mind that. I figure planning the books that I read actually makes me read the books that are just sleeping in my book shelf. I started plotting and following reading plans maybe the first quarter of this year. I was staring at my pile of books and I was wondering when the hell can I ever get to read all my books. Seems impossible for every bibliophile, but I am dead set at reading all the books that I buy, especially the ones listed on my compiled …