Day: December 13, 2011

All The King’s Men – Robert Penn Warren

Date Started: December 11, 2011. 9:15 PM. Hurrah! I just finished my 50th book for this year, which is Invisible Man, and All the King’s Men is more of an extra book. I have to read it anyway because if I don’t, I would have to squeeze it in my next year’s reading list. I don’t know, but I had a little trouble reading the first chapter. Probably because it is not healthy to read in between household chores and meals. Or to rush. I mean, I told myself to read at least two chapters that night, but I almost gave up when I was halfway through the first chapter. And also, since I recently finished Invisible Man, I don’t think I am too enthusiastic for a new book. I hope this would not affect my appreciation of this book because there is a lot of critical acclaim for it. Advertisements