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Drown – Junot Díaz

Drown - Junot Díaz

Drown - Junot Díaz

Who bought it: Me.

What is it: A collection of short stories that is mostly about Dominicans in America, Dominicans in the ghetto, Dominicans crossing the borders of adulthood.

When: November 14, 2011

Where: Power Books – Greenbelt

Why: I felt that I had to buy something for the Junot Diaz book launch. Which is funny because Diaz’s last book was released years ago. But yes, the organizers called it a book launch. I insist on calling it a book signing. Or a book tour.

How much: Php 595.00. It’s the most expensive book that I bought in the last few months, but what the hey, it is signed no less by Junot Diaz.

(Image courtesy of Biblio.com)


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