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Invisible Man – Ralph Ellison

Invisible Man - Ralph Ellison

Invisible Man - Ralph Ellison

Date Started: December 1, 2011. Past 9 PM.

There’s an introduction from the author who asks us whether it’s better to leave this part to the critics or not. I say it’s better that the author himself write this part because who could possibly know the work better than the writer himself, right?

And so on. The first part rambles on and on about the protagonist being an invisible man. Okay, that’s the title so I guess I just have to bear with it. That’s the prologue, by the way.

So when I got to the first three chapters, I felt that this book is not a novel but a series of short stories arranged in chronological order. I sensed no plot development if we insist that this is a novel. But it is a novel. What am I talking about?

Nevertheless, it’s a good book. This is my 50th book for the year, which is a milestone because 50 is the number of books that I set to finish for this year. Okay, I originally set it to the clumsy number of 41, but I realized that I could do better than that. And of you really want to know, I’m in a bit of a rush to finish this because I still want to read two more books.



  1. I had to read this book for class a couple years ago. It did seem a bit scattered with the plot, but I enjoyed it overall.


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