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Gone With The Wind Diaries, VI

Gone With The Wind - Margaret Mitchell

Gone With The Wind - Margaret Mitchell

Day 21: 55, 56, 57, 58

Okay, so Scarlett is pregnant again. Rhett does not know it yet because he left as soon as he could after their fiery lovemaking. And that moment sowed uhm, healthy seeds, into Scarlett’s…

But enough of that. Remember that Scarlett doesn’t really like babies? Oddly, she’s a tad excited to tell Rhett about it. But when Rhett came, months after, she is again mocked. He even told her that she might as well have a miscarriage. Which did happen right at that very instant.

And I love how Rhett confessed everything he feels for Scarlett to Melanie, Atlanta’s BFF. We see Rhett in his weakness. We never thought that Rhett can be so consumed with guilt, but here he is, blaming himself for the accident.

Ah. This is true love!

But life goes on. Rhett connives with Melanie to have Ashley buy the sawmills from Scarlett. I wonder how the novel would sound like if it were told in first person, in the eyes of Rhett. I really want to know what he thinks and how he feels for Melanie.

Day 22: 59, 60, 61, 62, 63

Explosive chapters. A lot of things going on. And it should only be expected. We are near the climax.

This novel is categorized by most as romance. And forgive me if I have this childish notion that romances are supposed to be sealed with a kiss.

So I guess this isn’t the standard romance that women would read and talk about in their little circles, giggling like they were in high school.

I almost feel that I was left hanging. Almost because I’m still satisfied. It’s just that I couldn’t really get the feel of the last few pages because my mind is stuck at Melanie’s house. Is it really that way with people that have beautiful intentions?

If the novel is not that long and we were only given a few glimpses of Melanie’s kind actions toward everyone, I wouldn’t be devastated. Just thinking about the near-end makes me sad.

And yes, who would give a damn to a woman like Scarlett? Certainly not our Rhett who did everything that he could to make the woman fall for her. But there she is with her strong will and her hard habits. She doesn’t have anyone now. She realizes that in the dream where she is shrouded in mist, it is Rhett that she is looking for. But it is too late. And I hear Scarlett telling her this: After all, tomorrow is another day!

Note: Notes cross-posted at GoodReads – The Filipino Group. Atty. Monique read this with me. We are both done! Look for her review of the book at Bookish Little Me.


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